Series 3, Episode 3
Air date 13 February 2009
Written by Lee Mack, Darin Henry
Directed by Nick Wood
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Amy is the third episode of the Series 3 of Not Going Out and originally aired on 13 February, 2009.


Over-excited by the appearance of a lesbian couple in their building, Lee and Tim ask them over for dinner, little realising that their adolescent attempt to get their jollies will backfire when Lucy discovers a side to herself that she never knew existed.


When Lee finds out that to lesbians have moved in to the block he's over the moon and invites them round for tea.It turns out they can't make it so Amy goes to tell Lee and Tim that they've (Amy and Alex) broken up.Fortunately for Amy, Lucy and Daisy come back too early from Covernt Garden as daisy had a allergic reaction to some facial cream and finds Amy crying on her sofa.So Lucy invites her to stay a little longer. Well until GM (good morning) TVs finished.

After going out a while Lucy finally comes round to thinking she's gay and kisses Amy.But thankfully it defanatly not for her. Lee was happy when he finds out she isn't a lesbian and invites Lucy to see sponge bob square pants 2.

While tim is scared that one kiss can turn a girl gay......                                                                                       Is that possible? 


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