Anna is the wife of Toby, Lee and Lucy's new neighbour, who appears




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Toby (husband)

in series seven. In the episode Lucy, she asks Lee and Lucy to put them out of their misery and become a proper couple. Lee takes things a step further and asks Lucy to marry him. Lucy then agreed and Anna said that she wished everyone paid that much attention to what she said to them. Her husband Toby said that it was unfair and when she asked him to propose, he did so immediately. Lee assumed that Lucy was with Carl, Toby's rich cousin, who didn't exactly exist. Anna revealed that he did have a cousin called Natasha who was eight years old. Anna ordered Toby to get the champagne to celebrating. Daisy appeared and said that she'd been spying on Lucy as Lee requested and answeres that Lucy was having a secret lesbian affair. Anna and her husband then celebrated with Lee, Lucy and Daisy their apparent engagement.