Series 6, Episode 8
Air date Friday 31st May 2013
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Frank suggests Lee spends a weekend on his boat,along with Daisy and Lucy - which he accepts when it means he and Lucy will be sharing a double bunk. The platonic bunk-sharing goes well but next morning the boat has slipped its moorings and drifted out to sea and Frank, unaware of this, has hacked a hole in it to claim the insurance. The group is saved by Marshall,the boat's life raft but, back on dry land, Lucy tells Lee she never wants another date with him.


Lee's father, Frank, buys himself a boat after a big win on the horses and invites Lee down for a long weekend with Lucy and Daisy. Despite the fact that Lucy is terrified of water, Lee persuades her to come along in the hope that he can manipulate her into sharing a double bed.

On the boat trip, the boat breaks free from the harbour and begins drifting out to sea. To make matters worse, Frank reveals that the boat trip was part of an insurance scam - he plans to sink the boat with a pickaxe and have the group sail to safety on a dinghy (named 'Marshall' by Daisy). He wants Lee, Lucy and Daisy to be independent witnesses. Lee reluctantly helps when he learns that Frank would stay with HIM if the plan fails, but Daisy throws a spanner in the works when she accidentally sends the dinghy out to sea, leaving the group stranded on a sinking boat.

Lee's frantic attempts to keep the boat afloat are fruitless. He is able to patch up the hole but not enough to keep water from flooding the boat. Lee then tries to swim to the shore, but the cold water means he fails to get far and is brought back aboard. Finally, Daisy finds a flare gun, but Lee doesn't follow proper instructions and not only fires a flare into the water, but also sets fire to part of the boat with the second (and final) flare.

Out of options, Lee, Lucy, Frank and Daisy wait as the boat slowly sinks, and they hold on desperately to a piece of the boat. As Lee and Frank argue in what they believe to be their final moments, Lucy points out what looks like a shark from distance, but turns out to be Marshall the dinghy, which happened to be carried to them by the current.

It is assumed that Lee, Lucy, Frank and Daisy get on the dinghy and float to safety.

Back on dry land, it is revealed that Lucy now takes swimming lessons, Lucy and Lee have decided to back up Frank's insurance story (choosing possible jail time over living with Frank) and when Lee asks Lucy to come with him on another boat weekend, she rejects.