Series 1, Episode 2
Air date 13 October 2006
Written by Lee Mack & Andrew Collins
Directed by Alex Hardcastle & Nick Wood
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Death is the second episode of Series 1 of Not Going Out and originally aired on 13 October 2006.


Tim's grandmother dies, bringing him and Kate closer together, much to Lee's concern. He's encouraged to share his thoughts with a therapist, who is not impressed with Lee's inability to have a proper conversation. To add to this there is inappropriate behaviour at the funeral, a furious elderly relative and Tim's new tipple of choice is becoming addictive.


Tim's grandmother passes away and looking for Kate to comfort him he only finds Lee, who awkwardly does his best. On the behest of Kate Lee goes to see a psychiatrist to help him get more in touch with his feelings, which reveals his feelings towards Kate. Tim invites Kate to the funeral and hits on her. She politely rejects him and Lee who had planned to tell Kate how he feels instead decides to be there for his grieving friend.

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Memorable quotesEdit

"What is it you can say to Kate that you can't say to me, apart from your left leg's Christmas, your right leg's Easter, can I visit you between holidays. Actually you can't really say that to Kate anymore, can you."
Lee tries to get Tim to tell him what's wrong.
"You've had a visitor."
"It wasn't pest control, was it? I've had problems with mysterious wee-wee appearing all over the bathroom floor."
"I've told you, you've got to start sitting down."
— Lee and Kate banter.
"What else do you like women to say to you?"
"I like them saying lots of things."
"Give me one."
"Yeah, I like that."
— The therapist asking Lee questions.

"But ask yourself this, would you be going to the funeral if his nan hadn't have died?"
— Lee tries to make a point.


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Background informationEdit

  • This episode was the second episode on the series 1 DVD to have a commentary.
  • Lee Mack commented on the commentary that he originally wanted the episode to be the series final as it dealt with his character possibly telling Kate about his attraction to her.
  • The therapist's office was the same set as the Acupuncturist's in "Stress".
  • The exterior scene with Tim and Kate was shot in Roundwood Park.
  • The funeral scene was shot in a church in Kensal Rise.
  • The wake scene was shot on the same set as the restaurant from "Serious".
  • Monkey is the real-life toy of the daughter of one of Sarah Daman, the stage manager.

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