Series 4, Episode 2
Air date 13 January 2011
Written by Lee Mack, Andrew Collins
Directed by Nick Wood
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Debbie is the second episode of the Series 4 of Not Going Out and originally aired on 13 January, 2011.


Lee's past catches up with him when a young woman appears on his doorstep and asks for a cup of sugar.


Debbie (Laura Aikman), an attractive woman in her early twenties, moves into the block and goes to great lengths to get to know Lee. Lee assumes that Debbie fancies him, but is shocked when she reveals that she thinks he is her father (at karaoke night, just as Tim starts singing the Surprise, Surprise theme song!), after he had a one-night stand with her late mother Karen (Emma Pike) at a party at Tim's house in the 80s. Lee initially tries to avoid Debbie, but Lucy persuades him to get to know her a bit better. Tim is upset to learn Lee and Karen had sex in his bed. However, he then reveals that he not only dated Karen, but lost his virginity to her – meaning that he could also be Debbie's father.

Both Lee and Tim are in immediate shock and denial, wondering what it will be like being a father. A DNA test reveals that neither of them is Debbie's father. Debbie is devastated, but Lucy remembers that she was eight years old at the time of the party, and stumbled on Karen in bed with Terry (Paul Vincent Lowe), an unusually short friend of Lee and Tim's. Lee successfully tracks Terry, and he and Debbie meet up.


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