Series 4, Episode 1
Air date 6 January 2011
Written by Lee Mack, Daniel Peak
Directed by Nick Wood
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Drugs is the first episode of the Series 4 of Not Going Out and originally aired on 6 January, 2011.


After a night spent out clubbing, Tim returns to the flat wearing the wrong coat, and convinces Lee to help him return it to its owner.


After a night of "wild partying", Tim returns home from a nightclub wearing the wrong coat. After discovering drugs in the pocket, he omits to a blind panic. When he returned the coat to the wrong person (Frankie McGinty) but the real coat owner sees him with the coat, all hell lets loose, and both Tim and Lee buy what they think is cocaine from a street dealer to return to the man, while Daisy thinks they are taking drugs after seeing them with the cocaine. They find themselves in a sticky (or meaty...) situation with the rightful owner – a butcher (Ricky Grover), when he the three men discover what they think is cocaine is washing powder, which Tim spent his savings on. However Daisy arrives and wounds the Butcher, enabling them to escape.


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