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Frank (portrayed by Bobby Ball) is the father of the main character, Lee, and is first introduced in the episode titled "Absent Father Christmas". Frank has currently appeared in three episodes to date, and is currently one of the main characters of the show.

Frank abandoned Lee as a child, leaving him and his mother to care for themselves whilst he moved away to Bangkok to spend time with his girlfriend. Frank re-appeared in Lee's life four and a half years later. Because of this, Frank and Lee have a very loose relationship, as stated by Lee in Frank's first episode appearance. ("Absent Father Christmas")

Currently, the only known occupation of Frank is that he worked as a temporary shopping centre Father Christmas during December. Other occupations have not been mentioned yet.

In the Christmas special, The House, it is revealed that Frank has turned up at the house where Lee and Lucy and Daisy are staying along with Lucy's parents, to enjoy Christmas with an old flame. He pretends that there's ghostly goings on just so he can get rid of the unwanted visitors.

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