Series 2, Episode 7
Not Going Out series 2
Air date 19 October 2007
Written by Lee Mack, Simon Evans, Paul Kerensa & Peter Tilbury
Directed by Alex Hardcastle
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Gangster is the seventh episode of the Series 2 of Not Going Out and originally aired on 19 October, 2007.


When Guy showers Lucy with expensive clothes prior to whisking her off for a mystery weekend away, Lee becomes suspicious of Guy. After some high-level surveillance, he comes to the conclusion that Guy is a gangster.

But Barbara and Tim realise that he is not objecting to Guy just because of his dubious business interests, but also because Lee wants Lucy for himself.


Guy showers Lucy with gifts and prepares to take her on a surprise holiday. Lee becomes convinced that guy is a gangster after seeing him receive a unknown package outside his strip club. Lee convinces Tim to join him in searching Guy's office. Lucy catches them, but Lee refuses to let it go and with Tim they break into Guy's office at night. They find diamonds just before Guy and Lucy return to the office and Guy claims they are not diamonds but he is having a necklace made for Lucy out of them. Lee keeps one of the stones and has it confirmed as a diamond and him and Tim rush to the airport to stop Lucy from going with Guy. Guy asks Lucy to marry him, but Lucy turns him down due to his controlling nature and returns to the flat, single again.

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