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Lucy Adams (girlfriend, separated)

Guy is a character who appears in the second series of Not Going Out where he is dating Lucy. Guy is a successful, sophisticated fiftysomething entrepreneur. First seen in episode two of series two, Guy was Lucy's new boss and soon became her new boyfriend too.

Due to a mis-understanding, Lucy initially thought Guy was gay - however, even then, she was clearly attracted to him and attempted to 'turn him straight'. When it transpires that Guy is actually straight and fancied her, it wasn't long before they were locking lips.

Lee and Guy were unlikely to ever get on. They share nothing in common and the fact that Guy dominated life in the flat and got to kiss the lady Lee loves was clearly a problem for Lee. As a result, Lee made jokes about how much older Guy was than the rest of them at every opportunity he got. He also tried to find ways to dis-credit Guy (for example breaking into his office to try and find evidence that he is a gangster). It emerged during the series that amongst Guy's business interests was a lap-dancing club. Lucy and Guy have now split up.