Nicky (portrayed by Rupert Simonian) was the fourteen year old son of friends of Kate. When his parents went overseas he stayed with Kate, taking Lee's room.

Nicky didn't get along with Lee due to Lee's allergy been the reason why he had to leave his pet Great Dane, Ted, behind. He did get on with Tim due to them sharing a common interest in Metal music, particularly the band Internal Haemorrhage. He warmed up to Lee after Lee bought him their hard to find album, Slippery Virgins, though this didn't last long.

Nicky and Lee continued to clash. Nicky who had been trying to get Kate to give Tim another chance realised that Lee was attracted to her and was going to tell Kate, but was interrupted by the arrival of Tim with his dog. Lee had arranged for the dog to stay despite his allergy, which seemed to have settled the issues between the two. ("Kid")

Trivia Edit

  • Similar to Daisy, he had no idea what Dogging meant, though Daisy was told by Lucy while Nicky wasn't, presumably due to his age.