Not Going Out series 1

Series 1 cast

Series 1 of Not Going Out ran for six episodes from 6 October, 2006 to 10 November 2006. The series focuses on the relationship of Lee (Lee Mack) who lives with Kate (Megan Dodds), who happens to be his best friend Tim's (Tim Vine) ex-girlfriend.

Series 1 Edit

No. Title Original air date Viewers
1 Serious 6 October 2006 2.83 First episode of the sitcom about a drifter whose friendship with his flatmate is complicated by the fact her ex-boyfriend is his best mate. Lee dates an author in an effort to discover his serious side, Kate tries to lighten up at clown school and Tim finally apologises for his past behaviour. Lee Mack, Megan Dodds and Tim Vine star.
2 Death 13 October 2006 2.96 Tim's grandmother dies, bringing him and Kate closer together, much to Lee's concern.
3 Aussie 20 October 2006 2.85 Ruth, an Australian friend of Kate's, comes to stay and Lee is persuaded to pretend to be Tim. Lee gets a job handing out leaflets at a shopping centre, but soon falls foul of a local youth.
4 Stress 27 October 2006 3.24 Lee feels stressed after agreeing to give Kate driving lessons, so she suggests he tries yoga to calm his nerves. However, his technique leaves a lot to be desired.
5 Kid 3 November 2006 3.57 Kate and Lee are forced to take in a lodger, a surly 14-year-old boy called Nicky.
6 Caretaker 10 November 2006 3.39 Lee finally manages to get a job, as a caretaker. But taking up the new post involves moving out of the flat.
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