Series 1, Episode 1
Kate Clown
Air date 6 October 2006
Written by Lee Mack & Andrew Collins
Directed by Alex Hardcastle & Nick Wood
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Serious was the first episode of Series 1 of Not Going Out and originally aired on 6 October 2006.


Lee tries to find his serious side by going on a date with an author, while Kate attempts to discover her lighter side at clown school. Kate's ex-boyfriend Tim tries to patch things up with her by finally apologising for his misdemeanors.


Kate is trying to make Lee choose a career, but when she suggests clown classes, she ends up taking them herself with limited success.

Meanwhile, Lee agrees to go on a date with Lucy Moss, a serious and earnest author whose book was published by Kate's company, in an attempt to show Kate his serious side. Tim uses Lee's absence to try to make things up with Kate.

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Memorable quotesEdit

"Can we talk?"
"About what?"
"About us."
"There's no 'us'."
"Okay, can we talk about you and me?"
"There's no 'you and me'."
"Okay, let's talk about no business like show business."
"There's no 'business like sh-'"
Tim trying to get Kate to talk about their relationship.

"And I'm not the pathetic little immature one."
"I am not the immature one you stupid...smelly...face!"
— Kate and Tim arguing as Tim storms out.

"Do you actually know what externalise means?"
"Yes, it means when you got something unpleasant on the inside and you try to get it out."
"Sounds like your cooking."
"And our love life."
Lee explains what externalising is while Tim and Kate displace their feelings.
"So how was clown club?"
"I got kicked out. Teacher asked me to explore my inner clown through the use of variant emotional and spacial relationships."
"What does that mean?"
"I have no idea, so I threw a custard pie down her pants."
— Kate explaining what happened in clown club.


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Background informationEdit

  • On the Series 1 DVD this was one of the three episodes to have a DVD commentary, which was done by Lee Mack and director Alex Hardcastle.
  • This episode was used for the un-aired pilot. However, in the pilot Catherine Tate had the lead role as Kate, which also inspired the characters name.
  • This was the fourth episode to be filmed.

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