Stretch was the lead guitarist in a rock band that Tim joined called 'The Auditors', yet he didn't tell his friend Lee because he knew that he would laugh. Lucy then appeared to have fallen for Stretch sometime after meeting, and despite to taking a dislike to him, he then let Lee join the band so he could impress her, only for him to be joining as a roadie and not a guitar player, it later turns out Stretch had been seeing several other women and had also written songs for them, just as he did with Lucy. He later left the band and the competition after deciding winning the competition wasn't worth as sleeping with Lucy.

Stretch made a cameo appearance at Lucy and Lee's wedding in the Series Seven episode 'Wedding', possibly meaning that Lucy has forgiven him.

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  • He describes himself as the 'Lennon of the band' referencing the Beatles lead singer John Lennon and the fact that the band was his idea.